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We make rubber stamps (both traditional and self-inking) for your business needs.

We can custom print all forms and documents needed for the operation of your business: invoices, letter heads, envelopes, brochures, flyers, business cards, etc.

We supply and brand items for promotional giveaways such as pens, lighters, key chains, notepads, calendars, air fresheners, cups, hats, bags, T-shirts, etc.
Our prices cannot be beat.
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Custom invoices
Business forms
Business cards
Branded business supplies
Rubber Stamp "COLOP" - round
D 12mm
D 17mm
D 24mm
D 30mm
D 40mm
D 45mm
D 50mm
Rubber Stamp "COLOP" - oval  
35mm x 55mm
28mm x 44mm
Rubber Stamp "COLOP" - rectangular
10mm x 27mm
14mm x 38mm
18mm x 47mm
23mm x 59mm
37mm x 76mm
20mm x 30mm
30mm x 45mm
30mm x 50mm
40mm x 50mm
40mm x 60mm
Rubber Stamp "MOBI STAMP" - round
D 30mm
D 40mm
D 50mm
Rubber Stamp "IDEAL"
D 17mm
D 30mm
D 40mm
D 50mm
14mm x 14mm
22mm x 22mm
"MOBI-STAMP" Self-inker with cap
9mm x 26mm
38mm x 14mm
50mm x 18mm
58mm x 22mm
30.5mm x 70.5mm
"MOBI-STAMP" with cap
"COLOP" Pocket Stamp
Traditional rubber stamps
(round, rectangular, oval, square)


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24 Hristo Tatarchev St,
Blagoevgrad 2700, Bulgaria
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Tel: 073/ 831 991
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Print Factory
Industrial Zone 1, Vasil Levski Blvd,
Blagoevgrad 2700, Bulgaria
Email: baza@infodizain.com
Tel: 0878/ 518 257
Tel: 0878/ 831 999